We value keeping the

highest service level

Lajac - Breathable Industry

Our customers are found in wholesale and the products are mainly used by entrepreneurs within a wide range of industries.

Products and solutions from Lajac are installed in factories, where clean and safe work environment is high priority. When it comes to separating dust, fumes and other materials in manufacturing industry, it is important that the products are specifically fitted for the purpose they are used for.

Lajac has long experience of dust handling and central vacuum cleaning and can provide products for many different application fields. At risk of dust explosions, We always deliver products that meet the requirements of the ATEX directive.


What Lajac stands for

Lajac's mission is to improve the working environment in industry worldwide. We do this through specialist knowledge and high quality products. In the long run, it leads to reduced health problems and further to economic savings for both companies and society. Through efficient energy recovery, we and our customers can jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the global environmental chain.

In a welcoming manner, we will show responsiveness to the customer's needs and always be on hand. Flexibility is the basis for meeting individual wishes and requirements.

Through good business ethics, skills and professionalism, the customer will depend on Lajac to follow commitments and to be safe in our cooperation with us.

Constantly striving to strengthen employees to promote innovation and develop the company, which in turn ensures quality levels.

It should be easy to be both a Lajac employee and a customer. Dynamic cooperation and respectful treatment is the company's nerve, and permeates both internal and external relationships.