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Technical solutions

Lajac has long and broad expertise in the technical field in terms of extraction and filtration of dust, wood chips and other kinds of dust-laden air. We have several technology consultants that work with advice and dimensioning according to the client's specific needs.

Our products and system solutions are applied in many different industry sectors:
Woodworking, Paper, Metal and Plastic working, All kind of workshops, Textiles, Food and Agriculture, Chemical and Pharmaceutical field.


Three quick tips on what Lajac recommends to consider when choosing a central vacuum system for industrial working environments. 

👉 How many users in use at the same time?

It is important to choose the right suction capacity in relation to the planned number of contemporary users. This is to get the right suction power at each workstation. Install smart - the longer the hose and piping, the greater pressure drop in the system. The planning of the premises determines how powerful vacuum unit is needed and how the pipe system is to be dimensioned. To get the right advice from us, we need a layout where the hose reel locations are marked.

👉 What material should be handled?

The choice of suction and pipe system depends on the amount of material, weight and type of material. We take into account whether there are chemical properties to consider. Separation is often recommended in several steps, with pre-separator/cyclone. Review if the installation concerns an ATEX environment (directive of handling explosive material). Ask us about our ATEX classified products, we have technically specialized staff on these issues.

👉 Supplement with user-friendly hose reels?

If any of the existing cleaning equipment is to be used, we need to know the dimension and type of product to best combine it. Hose reel is a user-friendly and smart work tool in industrial working environments. In addition to the hose being self-retracting with spring return, the damper valve also shuts off the vacuum cleaner unit when the hose is rolled in and not currently in use. In addition, the safety aspect is important, as hoses lying on the floor can cause both accidents and unnecessary equipment wear. Hose reel can be installed in any number in the system, to optimize the right working environment for the users. Don’t forget to choose a suitable cleaning kit for floor or bench cleaning, that helps reaching the most difficult areas in the workshop, like between or top of pipes and cavities in floors and benches.



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