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What we do

should, through special knowledge and quality products, ensure clean industrial air for as many people as possible. Through efficient energy recovery, we and our customers jointly contribute to the sustainable development of the global environmental thinking.

Working in air polluted environment is harmful to the human respiratory tract and lungs, and can create allergic reactions. Lajac has extensive experience in products and systems for industrial air filtration and dust extraction. Lajac provides piping, hoses, valves, chip fans, chip filters, local exhaust ventilation, high pressure fans, high vacuum suction units, oil mist filters and ATEX approved products.

Areas were we operate:

  • Dust, chips and sawdust extraction
  • Welding fume
  • Oil mist separation
  • The separation in explosive environments

Our Strengths and Strategies

We are constantly working hard to maintain an optimized service level and fast delivery times, which always have been Lajacs two leading strengths. The structural leadership perspective is strengthened by focusing on resources that are necessary to support our strategies. A well-planned market plan with clear frameworks and visions is the basis for creating an inspiring workplace with high-performance coworkers.

In the European market, Lajac as a brand is highly prioritized. In order to achieve a united corporate culture, guidelines that are deeply founded in the Swedish parent company are required.

Our Markets

We are represented in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Benelux, France, Russia, Great Britain and Finland. The goal is to grow globally through a wider product range and greater market share where we always put the customer in focus. Lajac is the swedish dealer for JKF Industri AS and is one of the leading Swedish suppliers of systems and products for dust extraction.

Since starting up, Lajac continuously developed technologies and products, while high self-competence has been built up. We are the leading supplier of products with pull ringe edge, which is the piping that has been delivered to the greatest extent in Sweden for a very long time. With strong sheet metal and laser welded pipes, our products keep high quality. Lajacs bends also has a large radius, which results in less wear on the system and means higher efficiency and lower noise level. One of the major advantages of pull ring edge is the possibility to fold it up after cutting, other lengths than 0.5, 1 or 2 meters desired.

We are dealers for JKF Industri and is one of the leading Swedish suppliers of systems and products for the chip, dust and chips extraction.