Products and Systems

for medium and high pressure


Lajac has extensive experience in products and systems for dust handling, i.e. the extraction and filtration of dust, sawdust and wood chips. Lajac also provides a wide range of products within central vacuum cleaning. In the Products tab, we have collected the standard range, but do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find what you are looking for - we produce special parts.

We have divided our product range into two categories, medium pressure and high pressure, since they are suitable for different kind of exhaustion:

Medium pressure includes products mainly for chip extractor, well suited to lower pressure and lighter materials such as wood shavings, chips, dust and other particles. Available in different materials, thicknesses and connections. The products are fitted with pull ring edge, flange or straight ends. Lajac stocks pull ring edge as standard, other products are made on demand.

High pressure is products for central vacuum cleaning with a small amount of air and transport of heavy and abrasive materials. The system is well suited for the separation and recycling of steel and dust, fine dust, exhaust fumes and particles, and also general cleaning. The products have a straight connection and mounted with jet couplings. By catching dust/smoke as close to the source as possible, less air flow is required than conventional exhaust systems. This means that less heat is lost and the air balance in the room is not significantly affected.