Products for Dust Extraction

in all types of industrial processes

Swedish manufactured products for industrial vacuum systems

Discover Lajac's easy-to-install industrial cleaning system!

Cleaner and safer industrial areas are important to maintain, primarily for hygienic reasons as bacteria grow and multiply faster and easier in dirty and dusty environments. Unhealthy working environments thus contribute to increased infection risks.

Ineffective cleaning methods such as brushing, sweeping or blow-away usually only temporarily move dust and dirt. Lajac's permanently installed central vacuum cleaners and pipe systems enable any number of mounted hose reels or flap valves at workplaces and around the premises. In this way, the cleaning is ergonomic, always close at hand and does not require major efforts by the user.

Installing a complete industrial cleaning system goes fast and the central vacuum unit’s Plug'n Play function makes starting up simple and smooth! The system is also easy to maintain.

Let us be your safe partner throughout the process, we are happy to share our experience in industrial dust extraction through telephone support, webinar or email. We offer:

👉 Thorough expertise in dimensioning of pipe systems and fan and filter solutions.

👉 Large and well-sorted stock of extraction products - all for the assembly in the same place.

👉 Secure and fast deliveries from our warehouse within 24 hours.

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From our own production Made in Sweden we supply high quality extraction products for process ventilation - easy to operate, quiet and well optimized for multi-use.

Our ergonomic hose reel HOSR can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or on extension arm and is also available with longer hose and in ATEX approved version. The hose reel is extremely easy to handle and equipped with self-winding spring and valve with microswitch that starts the system during active cleaning and stops when the hose reel is not used.

Lajac has a product line of suction units for different capacities and up to eight users operating simultaneously. Hose reel HOSR can be installed in unlimited number in the system. Industrial vacuum unit OM/Optimuum is adapted for 1-3 users in operation at the same time, a well-designed and robust machine developed with focus on function and reliability. OM is has an energy efficient side channel fan with long life and is the obvious choice for continuous operation and easy filter cleaning as well as emptying of the filter bag. Industrial vacuum unit OM is also available as a mobile unit.

For this we recommend Lajac's galvanized fittings for high vacuum extraction, where we stock everything that is part of a complete pipe system for central vacuum extraction and high vacuum; pipes, pipe bends, pipe fittings, vacuum hoses, pneumatic sliders, flap valves and industrial cleaning systems with bench tools and floor pipes/nozzles.