Products for Dust Extraction

in all types of industrial processes

Other Industry

Plastic Industry

Lajac supplies medium and high vacuum products with dust collectors and local exhaust ventilation, separation and recycling of waste products in the plastics and glass fibre industry, also involving hazardous substances that can be released during manufacturing. The dust and fibre particles that are released when the composite material is being used in plastics manufacturing industry, are very small and unnoticeable. Since these particles are a major health risk if they penetrate the lungs or the skin, it is important to find effective and safe methods of disposal of this material, preferably by direct removal tools.

Lajac is a leading supplier in the field, and has extensive experience of designing and installing safe and effective systems for industries processing composite materials.

Textile Industry

In order to secure the operation of production and minimize security risk, as health-threatening oil mist in the air and sawdust on the floor and the machines are, it is important to remove this.

We deliver solutions with dust collectors and local extraction, separation and recycling of steel dust, carrying materials, extraction of dust and smoke, and general cleaning.

Food and Agriculture Industry

In the agricultural and food industry, our products are, from the hygienic point of view, primarily used for daily cleaning facilities and cleaning of production machinery. Bakeries are an example of operations where dust is inevitable in the production. Here it is important to limit the spread of dust through cleaning of the conveyors, process piping, cable trays, ovens and more. In the baking industry our products are also used in flour reversal from some parts of the production.