Products for Dust Extraction

in all types of industrial processes

Paper Industry

In Sweden 25-30 % of the industry is in some way related to the forest. We harvest about 85 million m³ of wood every year and a lot of waste comes out of it in the form of dust particles and punching waste. This is important to separate, and, if possible, recycle. Our products are used in paper and pulp industry for cleaning and recycling of sawdust, wood chips and waste materials on conveyors, sieves and bark machines at cleansing in ginning plants.

The products are also suitable in the system for more efficient cleaning of paper and drying machines, and in coating lines. Application areas in the paper industry can be printing and bookbinding (strip and dust handling), industrial packaging (edging, punching, waste and dust), conversion (edging, punching residues, waste and dust) and cancellation (dust particles). In the pulp industry, there may also be residues in the form ash, mud, organic waste and plastics.

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